Here is a flyby video over our three sections of river that we run on the River Trent at Sutton, River Severn at Pixham Ferry and River Teme at Bransford

To join the waiting list for the Societies Sutton on Trent & Pixham fisheries, please complete and submit the following form.

Fishery Waiting List

When current membership renewals end on the 4th June 2017 any remaining permits will be issued to people on the waiting lists who will be contacted to complete details and payments.

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River Trent – Sutton

We have 1 1/2 miles of the tidal Trent at Sutton. First impressions can be deceptive as it looks featureless and barren, but there are many underwater features from rocky areas to gravel runs. A tide chart is a must as locals reckon the top of the tide is favourite. A word of warning here is that when the tide turns you will have to retreat fairly quickly, so extra care must be taken at night.

Click Here to read guide to Sutton

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River Teme – Bransford

A delightful mile and a half (approx.) single bank stretch of Worcestershire’s River Teme at Bransford Court Farm, situated downstream of the Bransford railway bridge. If you like catching the hardest fighting barbel anywhere in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings the Teme is for you. Multiple catches are always on the cards and doubles are now appearing regularly. A secure padlocked carpark is available at the Court fishery, with access restrictions posted, for farm security. Fast streamy shallows, deepening pools and lots of bankside cover make this fishery the very essence of the barbel experience.

Click Here to read guide to Bransford

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River Severn – Pixham Ferry

Almost a mile of prime Lower Severn at Pixham Ferry, a stretch steeped in barbel-fishing history and memorable captures for many, with numerous doubles to nearly 16lb and some momentous bags of fish. Famous swims like the Green Door, Cables and Wasps Nest have produced stunning sport in the past, and with the river in this area rapidly returning to former glories, we see this an excellent acquisition. There is easy access to the downstream swims for those who do not want to walk far, with plenty of room for those who wish to explore the water further. Night fishing is allowed.

Click Here to read guide to Pixham

Affiliations and Discounts
The Barbel Society is affiliated to Reading and District Angling Association, and members can obtain RDAA books on application to the Fisheries Manager enclosing the appropriate fee.

The RDAA control some of the most prolific barbel stretches on the Kennet, including the famous Upper and Lower Benyons.

If you know of any suitable waters that you feel would be of interest to the Society, then please drop us a line giving as much information as possible. But be aware it is not Society policy to wrestle waters from clubs with open membership by gazumping them, not only would it be unethical, it would also be a pointless exercise.

Fishery Prices

Please note you must be a current BS Member to join a fishery.

16th June 2017 – 14th March 2018

Single Fishery Permit

Bransford… £45/£35
Sutton… £60/£50
Pixham Ferry… £60/£50

Combination Bransford/Pixham… £90/£70

All fisheries… £130
Accompanied Day Permit £5 (Any Fishery)
Unaccompanied Day Permit £10 (Any Fishery)

RDAA… £65/£45

The prices for RDP and Senior Citizens are the figures after the oblique ‘/’.

Day/guest tickets are available to BS members only.

Members are allowed to purchase two day tickets per fishery per season, £5.00. First ticket is currently free of charge to encourage a visit! Members may purchase two guest tickets per fishery per season, BS members £5.00, non-members £10.00.

Fishery Rules
    1. Only authorised Fishery Permit holders are permitted on the Fishery.
    2. Anglers must hold a valid EA Fishing Licence.
    3. Anglers may use no more than 2 rods at any time.
    4. Anglers should be familiar with the Society Handling Code and should comply without exception.
    5. All fish must be returned.
    6. Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas and display an appropriate parking permit. Driving around the Fishery other than to and from designated parking is strictly prohibited.
    7. Members shall not enter or tamper with any farm building, crop, livestock, fences, vehicles or machinery.
    8. No dogs or other animals are allowed on the Fishery.
    9. No bankside alteration or tree pruning is permitted without the express consent of the Fishery Officer or Fishery Manager.
    10. Glass bottles and tins are not permitted on the Fishery. All litter is to be removed from the fishery.
    11. Drugs (except for prescription medication) and alcohol are not permitted on the Fishery.
    12. Any audio or recording device including telephones shall be used with discretion and without annoyance to others.
    13. No keepnets are permitted for any species. Tubes/sacks may be used for limited periods for photograph/weighing purposes. Unhooking mats should be carried at all times and used when appropriate.
    14. No competition or pegged fishing. Swims may not be reserved for any reason.
    15. No leads or feeders of a breakaway or fixed wire design may be used.
    16. Breach of any Rule may lead to removal of the Fishery Permit.
    17. The Committee reserves the right to utilise the Fishery for Society events upon giving due notice.
Kings Weir Fishery
The Society are pleased to announce with effect from June 16 2014 membership of the Barbel Society will include free access to the fishing at Kings Weir downstream river section (the Members Section), you will be required to produce your current membership card on request by a Kings weir Fishery bailiff . Access to the fishery is by a locked gate for which a key can be obtained at the House, a £5.00 deposit will be required but this enables members to keep the key for as long as they wish for multiple visits ,the deposit is refundable on return of the key. It is planned to also have a key box with a combination lock for those members who do not want to use the key deposit system, the combination number will be regularly changed. Parking at the Weir car park is included which makes this a very easy fishery to access. The Weir Pool fishing is not included in this arrangement but is bookable on a day ticket.

Kings Weir needs very little introduction, whilst the numbers of Barbel are down from the glory days the average size does compensate with a good head of doubles up to 15lbs and the chance of larger one ( a 16 plus has been caught further down the river ) and a good few in the 5lbs to 9lbs range. The chub fishing is possibly some of the best in the country with fish over 6lbs regularly caught and a very good chance of a large 7 pounder always possible. The current record chub has been caught near the weir pool in the past but more recently being caught nearer to Fishers Green, it is a very nomadic fish . There are increasing numbers of quality Roach and Dace being caught, with the chance of a large Perch or Bream also.