The Society are pleased to announce with effect from June 16 2014 membership of the Barbel Society will include free access to the fishing at Kings Weir downstream river section (the Members Section), you will be required to produce your current membership card on request by a Kings weir Fishery bailiff . Access to the fishery is by a locked gate for which a key can be obtained at the House, a £5.00 deposit will be required but this enables members to keep the key for as long as they wish for multiple visits ,the deposit is refundable on return of the key. It is planned to also have a key box with a combination lock for those members who do not want to use the key deposit system, the combination number will be regularly changed. Parking at the Weir car park is included which makes this a very easy fishery to access. The Weir Pool fishing is not included in this arrangement but is bookable on a day ticket.

Kings Weir needs very little introduction, whilst the numbers of Barbel are down from the glory days the average size does compensate with a good head of doubles up to 15lbs and the chance of larger one ( a 16 plus has been caught further down the river ) and a good few in the 5lbs to 9lbs range. The chub fishing is possibly some of the best in the country with fish over 6lbs regularly caught and a very good chance of a large 7 pounder always possible. The current record chub has been caught near the weir pool in the past but more recently being caught nearer to Fishers Green, it is a very nomadic fish . There are increasing numbers of quality Roach and Dace being caught, with the chance of a large Perch or Bream also.

The weir can be contacted on 01992 468394 or

Kings Weir have a very informative website and a very active Facebook page.