Project Description

Barbel Fisher 10

Society Officers
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
Save the Close Season 
various contributers
Something Old, Something New-2
 Steve Stayner
The Monster of the Spinney
 Bob Buteux
The Barbel
 Dr Paul Garner
J. Found & R. Clark
 Steve Hastie
Float Fishing for Barbel 
Gordon Scott
Never too Old to Learn
 Dave Sinclair
An Angler’s Responsibilities 
Ralph Clark
Barbel – Is Big Good? 
Ray Kent
Cotton Fields Back Holme
 Dr Terry Baxter
Acid Test
Sounding Off?
 Dave Steuart
Countryside Alliance 
A. Thorpe & B. Paxman
Hooking the Crown Jewels 
Adrian Busby
Static or Moving Baits 
Graham Elliott
A Taste for Something Different
 Mark Fox
A Beginner’s Tale 
Ted Brown
Last Day Magic 
Graham Tremble