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Barbel Fisher 11

From The Editor Dave Burr
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
Society Officers
Gordon Scott Obituary
 Martin Porter
Fishing the Willows with Scotty 
Bill Enlund
The Delightful Dane A.J Clitheroe
Nessum Dorma
 Colin Smethurst
The Case Against the Alliance 
Mike Burdon
Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks
 Keith Truscott
Be Careful Out There! 
Graham Tremble
Blue Day Barbel 
Gary Thompson
Happiness on the Teme 
Martin James
No Time to Waste
 Steve Beech
Junior Days 2001 
Fred Crouch
Brilliant Beauchamp
 Steve Pope
River Bests – The Big Fish List 
Brian Dowling
Reflections in the Rain 
K.R. Evans
Observations & Observation 
Geoff Bowen
Do Angling & Politics Need to Mix? 
Ralph Clark
The Acid Test
Barbel Eating Seal 
Ged Frost
Rod Making from Carbon Fibre Blank 
Stephen Hastie
Golden Balls 
K. R. Evans
The Barbel Dance 
Dave Burr
Be Patient
 Dave Burr
Rancid Rita Peter Wheat