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Barbel Fisher 12

From The Editor Dave Burr
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
The Influence of Crabtree 
Martin James
Fishery Action Plan 
Ralph Clark
Interview with 
Fred J Taylor
A Brilliant Day with Rolling Ray
Rancid Reply 
Steve Stayner
Good Interior Decorator 
David McDiamid
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
 Keith Truscott
Picture Competition
Green Day Barbel
 Gary Thompson
Society Fishery Maps 
Pete Bailey
Shimano Competition
Quest for Andalucian Barbel 
Simon Rolph
Removing the Errors
 Trefor West
Fishery News
 Pete Bailey
Super Senses 
Fred Crouch
A Piece of Corn
 Bob Taylor
Rainbow’s End 
Dr Terry Baxter
 Ged Frost
Back to Basics 
Graham Elliott
A Poem 
Sonia Jones
Till the Fat Lady Sings 
Chris Berry