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Barbel Fisher 14

From The Editor Dave Burr
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
What’s in it for Me 
Dave Johnson
Just Cause & Impediment 
Dr Terry Baxter
Can Fish Smell 
Phil Buckingham
More on Barbel Senses
Fred Crouch
A Walk Down the Wye 
Paul Ashton
A Flash of Pure Gold 
Ralph Clark
The A Teme 
Mark Fox
Society Merchandise
Winter Barbel 
Geoff Bowen
Dave Burr
New Thinking About Barbel 
Dave Steuart
Three Good Days in June 
Mike Osbourne
Chris King
Interview with 
John Bailey
Assault on the Severn 
Bob Mallet
Barbel by the Abbey 
David McDiarmid
Beginning of a New Season Gary Geeson