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Barbel Fisher 15

From The Editor Dave Burr
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
Foot in Mouth
 Dr. Terry Baxter
A Season of Dreams 
Graham Elliott
Stories from the Past 
Martin James
There’s a Place 
Mike Osborne
Cherwell Delight
 Peter Adcock
Our Double Cream 
Mick Freeman & Dale Green
The Right Result 
Gareth Thomas
River Dove Junior Days 
Neil Degg
Big Barbel
 Johnny Jensen
Barbel Senses 
Dave Burr
Close to Home 
Mark Fox
AGM & Conference
A Change for the Better 
Steve Beech
Boilie Basics 
Andy Thatcher
Quiver Tipping? 
Richard Downing
A Fish Called Mavis 
Dave Johnson
Meet the Makers Arpino Rds
One Last Barbel 
Simon Asbury
Make Your Own Base Mixes 
Allan Marshall
The Big ‘C’
 Ralph Clark