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Barbel Fisher 16

From The Editor Dave Burr
Pope’s Patch 
Steve Pope
Good Fortune
 Graham Elliot
An Amazing Week’s Fishing 
Martin James
Tony Rocca
More Questions Than Answers 
Ted Brown
Dave Burr
The Quest Continues 
Geoff Bowen
Auction of Peter Stone’s Tackle 
Fred Crouch
We Hold These Truths 
Paul Ashton
New Beginnings
 Paul Thompson
Peter Stone Memorial Plaque
 Fred Crouch & Peter Wheat
Dragged To The Trent
 Paul Owens
A Floppy Hatter at Pewsham
 Jon Berry
The First One 
Jim Hinchley
The Perrennial Debate 
Ralph Clark
Life Lines 
Mark Scott
Steve Stringer
A Question of Taste 
Ian Watson
Barbel Books 
Martin Allen
Duffers Diary 
Tery Bailey
Bransford – A Special Venue
 Simon Asbury
Humane or Insane 
Dave Burr
Not To Be Sniffed At 
Fred Crouch
Barbel Mystique
 Dr Terry Baxter