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Barbel Fisher 17

From The Editor Dave Burr
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
An Interview With… Ray Walton
 Dave Burr
The Smell Debate 
Fred Crouch
Find The Features 
Paul Owens
Second Time Round
 Steve Beech
New Beginnings II 
Paul Thompson
Dr Terry Baxter
Another Barbel Summer 
Pete Reading
A White Rose For Two Canes 
Mark Scott
Reunion On The Kennet 
Dave Steuart
How Long Is Yours?
 Dave Burr
My Quest For Barbel
 Aaron Bunning
Leeda and The Swan 
Steve Hastie
Fireworks On The Kennet 
Martyn Pears
Review & Competition
Those Were The Days 
David Trangmar
Dreaming Of A Tees Whisker
 Ian Mascall (Mookie)
Riverbank Companions 
The Ferret
River Dove Junior Fish-In 
Neil Degg
Back To Basics 
Pete Maslin
A Golden Day At Pewsham 
David Uttley