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Barbel Fisher 27

Thoughts From The President Fred Crouch
Pope’s Patch 
Steve Pope
The Rise and Yet to Fall of the Middle Wye 
Paul Ashton
Woody Debris
 – Part 1 Ian Watson
A Reel Good Auction 
Damian Kimmins
Hampshire Avon Barbelling Pete Reading
From Jam-Jar to Weigh Sling 
Roger King
I’m Not a Barbel Angler 
Kevin Perkins
La Vienne
 Adrian Taylor
The Severals Years – Avon Holidays Part 2 
Steve Derby
The Swale, Fishing & Life in General 
Gordon Helliwell
Coming Out of the Long Grass
 Dave Watson
Reviews & Press Releases
Letters to the Editor
Steve Richardson
Not Newsletter 48 News
The Old Man of the Weir 
Don Caliendo
Lakeside or Lea 
Paul Seacole